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Moose Lodge Picnic
280 Park Avenue
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

August 25, 2002
on Moose Lodge grounds


Hi Everybody!!! 
It turned out to be a bright sunshiny day for his years Moose Lodge Picnic.

First, we'd like to thank everyone that brought a covered dish and helped us out because if it wasn't for your generosity and help, we wouldn't have had a picnic.  We really appreciate your dedication to your lodge.  This is YOUR lodge and YOU are what makes it work!

Now the pictures.....

First is a picture I took of what it looked like arriving at the lodge picnic.  You can see the canopies where all the tables and food are.

As I got closer, I could see that there were plenty of people already enjoying the sunshine and the camaraderie of their fellow lodge members and their families and guests..


Below you can see our Face Painter entertaining the children.  She is very good and the kids kept coming back for more.

Below are a couple of the guys enjoying the FREE draft beer provided by our Lodge.

Next is a couple of gentlemen enjoying the Roast Pig.  As you can see, there are TWO cookers.
Yes, we had TWO roast pigs for this event.  There was so much that we couldn't eat it all.
The Pennimans cooked it all night for this occasion.

Next is a view of the deck and as you can see, there are more cookers just before you get to the deck.
At these cookers you could get hot dogs and hamburgers.

Next, we can see the children enjoying themselves on the playground that the Women of the Moose so generously donated to the lodge.

The Women of the Moose also donated these toys so that the children could have fun while there parents relaxed and took a break from home.

This little guy thinks he is going grocery shopping.  Maybe he is really hungry and is going to visit the food tables.

More people relaxing on this beautiful day.

Here you can see the food tables.  Not everyone brought food but there was definitely enough to feed everyone.
Maybe next year those who didn't have time to bring food will bring more.

I took this picture to show Lake Erie in the background.  It was especially blue today.  Very beautiful.  Off in the distant, there was a large ore boat and many small craft.

Next is the start of the Children's Games.  Ruth Mooney and Nancy Weaver set this game up.  It is sawdust with around $50.00 worth of coins scattered throughout it.  This kept the kids busy for quite sometime.  Heck, I wanted to jump in and search for coins too! hahaha

Next was the Water Balloon Toss.....

Next is the Egg in the Spoon Race...
These kids are supposed to carry an egg in a spoon.  Guess what!!!!  They weren't boiled eggs. ahhahahaha

Ruth Mooney is in the center back of the picture.  She worked very hard getting all these games together for the children.

Next is the Sack Race.

Here you can see Nancy Weaver, our Junior Grad Regent, scurrying out of the way before the next race begins.

Next you can see the children receiving their prizes.
Everybody is a winner in these games.

Below, you can see our members enjoying a few games of Horse Shoes.

1 - 2 - 3...........


Now it's Ernie's turn....

Below is Vee Loomis selling off the excess corn.  There was more than enough for everyone to eat and we had left over corn.  She had no trouble selling it all.

Below here are members getting more Hot Dogs and Hamburgers.
You can see the Corn Cookers among the tables.

As the afternoon turned towards evening, Karaoke begun on the Deck.
Here you can see our future young star singing her heart out.

Next we see some of our Lodge Members enjoying the comfort of our large deck.

Here is a view of the picnic grounds from the deck.  Our Lodge does have quite a large area for outdoor events.

Some of the Members preferred sitting at the Drink Hut on the deck.  I sat there myself when I wasn't taking pictures.

Pictured below are the Radcliff boys.  They are not afraid to show off their talents as singers.

More pictures of our eager to sing youth.

Well, folks, this is what was left of the pig.  Some fine eating there.  Even if he is looking you right in the eye.  Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww... But he was good though.

And with that.... The picnic went very well, the day was beautiful and again, we thank all of you who helped make this a wonderful picnic.

As usual, I didn't get my picture taken doing my thing to help out here so ...I will end by saying.... See you all next year.  May the picnic be bigger and better.  It is up to you, our co-workers, to help us make it Great!!!

Yours truly,

Sharon Wick, Secretary/Treasurer 2002/2003
Moose Lodge 472, Conneaut, OH

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